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Monday, 11th June

Conference Schedule

  • 08:00 Registration
    Be sure to arrive early in order to grab your favourite seat!
  • 08:50 Opening remarks
    Marko Dugonjić
  • 09:00 UX Professionalism
    Andy Budd

    We’re seeing a potential devaluation of the term UX as lots of inexperienced visual designers make the slow (and often incomplete) move into UX. As such Andy will discuss what UX really is, how you become a UX designer and the skills you need to do it well.

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  • 09:45 Digital Eco Systems
    Vuk Ćosić

    Society is shifting from a pyramidal structure towards something much more like an eco-system with new relationships between actors. In these uncertain times the role of digital professionals is of providing or smuggling vision and guidance. Let’s hear this call for action!

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  • 10:30 Break
  • 11:00 Leave No One Behind with HTML5
    Robert Nyman

    This talk will cover a number of the new possibilities of HTML5, but with the perspective of making sure you can reach as many users as possible without just building for the latest web browsers and devices.

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  • 11:45 It’s not you, it’s me
    Marco Cedaro

    General purpose JavaScript frameworks are the ones that made the language popular in the past, but right now it is a risk to think about our application development and architecture just in relation to our favorite framework. This talk highlights risks and suggest some techniques (from design patterns to snippet of code) to avoid being coupled to a specific framework.

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  • 12:30 Lunch
    Served to all attendees, a finger-food buffet with plenty of self-service coffee/tea machines to gather around and talk to fellow attendees.
  • 14:00 Coming of Age In-house
    Julie Ng

    Over the last few years, the web has matured into an industry in its own right. Our professions have also grown beyond pixels and lines of code. let's look at how lessons and experiences as an in-house pixel pusher can help you understand and leverage other pieces of the puzzle, including marketing and analytics. You’ll also learn from mistakes of others’ - as well as your own to grow into a seasoned web professional.

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  • 14:45 Rediscover value
    Bastian Allgeier

    In our industry we are surrounded by hypes, new definitions of success and a culture of ephemerality. The web is a roller coaster and it's sometimes hard to focus on what's really important. This talk is about what we consider quality on the web today and if we might have to rethink our own definitions. It's about rediscovering value.

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  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 Designing for everyone
    Paul Annett

    The UK Government is revolutionising the way the they create and deliver digital services, and the way people interact with public services online – starting with the public beta of GOV.UK

    Paul will discuss the approach the new digital team uses to redesign interactions between citizens and the government, and their design principles that ensure that user needs are always the top priority. They face big and often unexpected challenges, and have had to unlearn some web design home-truths in their quest to make a site that will truly work for everyone.

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  • 16:45 All the small things
    Relly Annett Baker

    Microcopy is the ninja of online content. Fast, furious and deadly, it has the power to make or break your online business, to kill or stay your foes. It’s a sentence, a confirmation, a few words. One word, even. It isn’t big or flashy. It doesn’t leave a calling card. If it does its job your customer may never notice it was there.

    In this session, Relly will show you how you can bolster sales and reflect your company and client’s values through just a few well-​​chosen words. Designers? Do you get lumped with the interaction copy? Developers? Do you get left trying to make meaningful error messages? Ecommerce managers? Do you want an easy increase in sales? This session will help. It will be a lot of fun. You should definitely come.

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  • 17:30 Close-up
  • 20:00 After-party
    Join us for a beer on the house. Location to be announced soon.