Goran Peuc

Goran has been working in the digital design industry for well over a decade. He is currently working in Nivas for some of the biggest clients in the region, such as 24sata.hr, Croatia Osiguranje, MTV, bonbon, and many more. Recently he started designing iOS applicatons, the latest of which can be found at getcambox.com.

He is a constant and awarded presence on local conferences and workshops.

Mobile Experience Design

This talk and workshop will focus on designing and developing applications for mobile platforms. The main focus will be on iOS, however, the key concepts can easily be applied to all major mobile/handheld platforms.

The main target audience of this talk are developers who are either thinking about building their first app, or are currently building an app / have completed a project and would therefore like to improve it further.

The workshop is comprised of five segments:

  1. Segment 1 covers how to pick the right project for you. If you are thinking about building your first app it is pretty clear you should not just randomly pick a theme for your app. You have to choose wisely.
  2. Segment 2 covers all of the design and user-experience elements which are vital to your app. Here we will talk about visual design, interaction, patterns that you can use to further enhance UX, raw Photoshopping skills, and more.
  3. Segment 3 covers the actual app production, looking at the programming, debugging and testing phases.
  4. Segment 4 covers all of the marketing and support you need to have in place in order to at least make a return on your investment and maybe even be the next big hit on the market!
  5. Segment 5 is reserved for your projects and questions. I will help you directly with your project by casting a professional critical eye over it as well as provide you with pointers on how to possibly improve it further.