Julie Ng

Originally from Boston, Julie is a freelance designer and occasional developer , who started fiddling with HTML while still in high school. After studying abroad and teaching English in Germany, she chose to stay and fell back into web design. After working 3.5 years from the Münich office of Ancestry.com with international marketing and product teams, she's going out on her own, to freelance and to work on side projects and startup ideas.

When not designing or coding, you can find Julie reading, running, snowboarding or just enjoying beer gardens with friends.

Coming of Age In-house

Over the last few years, the web has matured into an industry in its own right. Our professions have also grown beyond pixels and lines of code.

Let’s look at how lessons and experiences as an in-house pixel pusher can help you understand and leverage other pieces of the puzzle, including marketing and analytics. You’ll also learn from mistakes of others’ - as well as your own to grow into a seasoned web professional.

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