Relly Annett-Baker

@RellyAB spent 2011 content strategising for the Cabinet Office of the UK Government and CERN, and speaking at a dozen conferences, including Web Directions South, AtMedia, and Confab.

In previous years, she worked with agencies including Clearleft and Headscape on the content for sites like the Environmental Defence Fund, and St Paul’s School.

2012 is shaping up nicely, with a new range of workshops and some awesome new projects. Watch this space.

All the Small Things

Microcopy is the ninja of online content. Fast, furious and deadly, it has the power to make or break your online business, to kill or stay your foes. It’s a sentence, a confirmation, a few words. One word, even. It isn’t big or flashy. It doesn’t leave a calling card. If it does its job your customer may never notice it was there.

In this session, Relly will show you how you can bolster sales and reflect your company and client’s values through just a few well-​​chosen words. Designers? Do you get lumped with the interaction copy? Developers? Do you get left trying to make meaningful error messages? Ecommerce managers? Do you want an easy increase in sales? This session will help. It will be a lot of fun. You should definitely come.

Did you like this talk? Join us at FFWD.PRO 2013!

Content Strategy workshop

A workshop for designers, developers and pixel workers to learn about working with content as part of the design process, as opposed to making empty boxes for content to go into, how to wrangle that content from clients, and what to do when faced with creating content themselves.Your content is not big enough to justify a full-time strategist yet but you are often left to make decisions about placeholder copy, interaction instructions, or designing without good knowledge of what is good practise.

To make the most of this workshop have a personal project site or blog in mind, to play with. A laptop would also be useful.