• 9:00 Hand-crafted Front-ends

    Emanuel Blagonić and Lucijan Blagonić

    Emanuel and Lucijan will guide you through the entire front-end process. From preparing Photoshop files to writing clean and semantic markup you will learn about best practices, what to look out for as well as be shown some useful tips and tricks. However, being a front-end developer is not just about writing code, it’s also about constantly improving your skills by adopting and embracing new technologies such as HTML5. As such, they will also cover topics on progressive enhancement, web fonts, responsive web design, fluid grids and more, leaving you with useful techniques that you can take away and apply and most importantly benefit from in your everyday workflow.

  • 9:00 Strategic User Experience
    Leisa Reichelt

    Familiar with the expression lipstick on a pig?

    Too many of us find ourselves frustratedly ‘applying’ User Experience to products that don’t make sense, in organizations who don’t really understand how we work and how they can make best use of us.

    In this workshop we’re going to explore how we can make sure that the products we work on are underpinned by sound, customer centered strategies that are aligned with your design strategies.

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  • 14:00 Mobile Experience Design
    Goran Peuc

    This talk and workshop will focus on designing and developing applications for mobile platforms. The main focus will be on iOS, however, the key concepts can easily be applied to all major mobile/handheld platforms.

    The main target audience of this talk are developers who are either thinking about building their first app, or are currently building an app / have completed a project and would therefore like to improve it further.

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  • 14:00 Content Strategy
    Relly Annett-Baker

    A workshop for designers, developers and pixel workers to learn about working with content as part of the design process, as opposed to making empty boxes for content to go into, how to wrangle that content from clients, and what to do when faced with creating content themselves.Your content is not big enough to justify a full-time strategist yet but you are often left to make decisions about placeholder copy, interaction instructions, or designing without good knowledge of what is good practise.

    To make the most of this workshop have a personal project site or blog in mind, to play with. A laptop would also be useful.